On which devices and platforms is the game available?

The game is currently available on Apple and Google platforms. It is also available for the following social networks: VK, Facebook,Odnoklassniki, My World, and Photostrana.

I get an offer to buy the Pro Version when I start the game.

This offer may appear if you attempt to go beyond the limits set for the free version, such as:

  • having more than three games in progress at once (a game is considered to be in progress once you have played the first round);
  • playing more than one game against the same player.

I get an error when I try to purchase the Pro Version

If you have an iOS device, please check your device’s settings (Primary → Restrictions). In-app purchases might be disabled. You can also buy the full version in the app for one of the three social networks (Odnoklassniki, Facebook, and VK). You will have a much broader range of payment methods available that way. You can then log into the same social network account on the same device, on which the purchase was made.

I found a word, but it isn’t in the dictionary

If you found a real word that isn’t in the game’s dictionary, contact either Customer Support or our social network groups.

My achievement wasn’t unlocked

It may be that the conditions required to unlock the achievement were fulfilled in a game that was ended automatically (auto-lose/auto-win). Most achievements can only be unlocked if a turn is completed by both opponents.

I’ve added a player to my blacklist. How do I unblock them?

Go to the Messages section in the mini-menu in the lower right corner, select Blocked, and tap the X in the profile of the player you want to remove from the blacklist.

I have the free version. A player with the Pro Version challenged me to a rematch. Will I get an automatic loss?

If a player challenges you to a rematch, but you cannot accept it because you have the free version, don’t worry—you won’t lose automatically. The challenge will simply be deleted after 24 hours.

My opponent isn’t responding/isn’t playing

Your opponent may have lost their internet connection, quit the game, or the device he was playing on may have run out of battery. If your opponent does not complete their turn within 24 hours, the game will end automatically. If this happens and the game is “in progress” for both players, auto-lose/auto-win will be activated. If the game is not “in progress” for one of the opponents, it will end automatically.

Why can’t I enter tournaments?

Tournaments are not available for jailbroken devices. Tournament participation is also blocked for players who take two screenshots of the game board during a tournament.

I have the full version, but my opponent doesn’t. Can they accept a rematch request?

Unfortunately, no. Only players with the Pro Version can accept rematch requests. The Pro Version allows you to challenge players to a rematch and accept rematch requests, but it does not guarantee that every opponent will be able to accept a rematch request from you.

I purchased some coins, but they haven’t been added to my balance

Please contact Customer Support immediately and provide them with a screenshot of your receipt for the purchase from Google Play or iTunes (in the Purchases section—see below).

How are the point values for words calculated?

Each letter is worth a certain number of points equal to that letter’s position in the word.

For example, let’s take a look the word “chair”:
С → 1 point
H → 2 points
A → 3 points
I → 4 points
R → 5 points
Total: 15 points

There are also two different kinds of bonuses on the game board: those that multiply the points for a letter (x2, x3), and those that multiply the points for an entire word (w2, w3). These bonuses can have a very significant effect on a word’s point value.

For example, let’s say there’s a x2 bonus on “I”. In this case, instead of four points, the letter will be worth eight points, so the word will be worth 19 points in all.

If there is a w2 bonus on one of the letters, the word “chair” will be worth 30 points rather than 15. If a word contains bonuses of both varieties, the points from the x2/x3 bonuses are counted first, and then the total points for the word are multiplied by w2/w3. For example, if the letter “I” has an x2 bonus and the letter “C” has a c3 bonus, the word will be worth 57 points.

What are the rules for how the dictionary is compiled?

The following parts of speech are used in the dictionary:

  • nouns;
  • verbs;
  • adjectives;
  • adverbs.

The following may not used:

  • abbreviations.

Why was my ranking reset?

There are seasons in the game. When a new season begins, all player`s rankings are reset to their initial values so everyone has a chance to fight for first place on the leaderboard again. When the season ends, everyone who won a prize-winning place gets a reward in the form of coins, and their names are inscribed forever into YAWG history in the Hall of Fame.

How are ranking points calculated?

The number of ranking points you gain or lose after winning or losing depends on the difference between your rank and that of your opponent. If you beat someone whose rank is higher than yours, you earn more ranking points. However, if you lose to someone whose rank is lower than yours, you lose more points. The rule works the same way for a tie, where the player who has the higher rank loses points and the player with the lower rank gains them.

What do I need to do to increase my level?

A player’s level depends on how many games they have won. Below you can find a chart showing how many wins it takes to reach each level.

Level name Number of wins
1 Student 0
2 Disciple of the Word 5
3 Word-Builder 20
4 Adept of the Word 41
5 Logophile 68
6 Word Warrior 101
7 Word Finder 140
8 Jack of all Words 185
9 Word Collector 236
10 Meister 293
11 Jedi 356
12 Master 425
13 Word Lord 500
14 Word-Worshipper 581
15 Guardian of Words 668
16 Word Pro 761
17 Word Architect 860
18 Word Wizard 965
19 Word-Weaver 1076
20 Sentinel of Speech 1193
21 Conqueror of Words 1316
22 Word Mentor 1445
23 Legendary Seeker 1580
24 Word Guru 1721
25 Word Ruler 1868
26 Word Overlord 2021
27 Word Titan 2180
28 Word Commander 2345
29 All-Seeing Eye 2516
30 Absolute Intellect 2693
31 Creator of Words 2876
32 Dark Knight 5000
33 Game Master 10000

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